Who did this :

Dr. S. Ramesh Babu

Record Place :

Karnataka, India

When it done:

12th May, 2012

Record Registration Date:

20th December, 2013

Dr. S. Ramesh Babu (born on 12th February, 1957) from Karnataka, India planted a single May Flower (Scadoxus Multiflourus) in June, 2003 in his Tatanagar residential garden and has been nurturing it with adequate water and natural manure only, which keeps multiplying every year, each bulb giving out a single May Flower just once a year in the first week of May, of the normal size of 4-6 inch in diameter. However in 2012, 12 May Flowers started blooming between 1 – 4 May, out of which, 3 flowers grew to more than 9 inch in diameter, and the largest May Flower was measured with an amazing spherical diameter of little over 1 foot.