Who did this :

Dr G. P.Saradhi Varma

Record Place :

Andhra Pradesh, India

When it done:

26th March 2013

Record Registration Date:

11th May, 2013

On the Event “AKHANDA GNANA JYOTHI (BIGGEST DEEPAM)” A Deepam made of 30ft X 20ft Width, 4ft Depth, Thread 50ft of width 1ft and capacity with 8000 liters of Oil was prepared and lightened at College Ground, S.R.K.R. Engineering College, Bhimavaram. This Gnana Jyothi was lead by Dr.G.P.Saradhi Varma, Head of I.T Dept, Smt I.Hemalatha, Sri K.Kishore Raju as co-ordinators and 2009-2013 batch final year students in Bhimavaram on 26th March 2013. The event was organized by Department of Information Technology, S.R.K.R. Engineering College, Bhimavaram-04, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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