Who did this :

Bobby Handojo Gunawan

Record Place :

Surabaya, Indonesia

When it done:


Record Registration Date:

28th July, 2014

Bobby Handojo Gunawan (Born on 8th August, 1982) from Surabaya, Indonesia created “Unique Classic Cars Restaurant”. After 10 years all cars were still well maintained and became even more interesting because it has been modified in such a way as part of restaurant accessories. Cars was not left just like usual, but has been modified into dining table for guests’ of Dream Cars Restaurant. The restaurant has many cars like Mercedes Benz Limousine 1949, Studebaker 1949, Lotus 1959, Morris and Mini Cooper 1961. He was deliberately modifying these cars for his restaurant furniture. He had dreamed of restaurants from modified car since 15 years ago, but only now able to realize that dream.

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