Who did this :

Md. Anis Khan and Md. Faizal khan

Record Place :

Uttar Pradesh, India

When it done:

22nd February, 2015

Record Registration Date:

23 August, 2016

Md. Anis Khan (Born on 10th January, 1986) and Md. Faizal khan (Born on 25th August, 1996) from Uttar Pradesh, India achieved the record “World’s Largest Under Pant” , measured 17 feet 4 inch in length, 18 feet 11 inch in width, 7 feet 2 inch at bottom, 47 feet 3 inch at belt having 8 kg in weight was made using 97 metre cloth .They took 8 hours to complete the task on 22nd February, 2015 starting at 11 am and finished at 7 pm.

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