Who did this :

Dr. Darla Nageswara Rao

Record Place :

Andhra Pradesh, India

When it done:

17th September, 2012

Record Registration Date:

10th July, 2014

Darla Nageswara Rao (born on 12th January, 1959) from Andhra Pradesh, India has created “Replica Art of Darla News Paper”. He thought to make a newspaper on his surname which only covers about him and his art. So, he made a newspaper with Title, DARLA (Different Art of Replica in Letter Art) and the contents were about him, which were taken from previous coverage’s from “The Hindu”, newspaper for the natural appearance of Darla Newspaper, paper was crafted with blade, a colored registration mark drawn and an advertisement was also placed at the bottom-right of paper. Even date was mentioned as 17th September, 2011 and mainly the size of Darla newspaper was retained as the size of original newspapers (41 cm X 56.5 cm) with total of 6 columns.


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