Who did this :

Om Prakash Galav

Record Place :

Rajasthan, India

When it done:


Record Registration Date:

25th September, 2014

Om Prakash Galav (Born on 30th July 1983) from Rajasthan, India has created “Most Terracotta Miniature Replicas” measured from 1.2 MM in height, 1.5 MM in width to 4 cm. The collection includes Pots, Tea set, Lantern, plates, bottle, bell, Mangal Kalash and Surahi etc. He used his hand skills on the Potter’s Wheel to make these miniatures. The design of miniatures has been maintained in its making. All miniatures are functional. There is every possibility that it can break till the Tea Set is completed. After drying the items are put in a kiln (aahva) for firing.