Who did this :

Mihir Nishit Shah

Record Place :

Gujarat, India

When it done:

17th June, 2013

Record Registration Date:

1st January, 2014

Mihir Nishit Shah (born on 20th July, 2004) from Gujarat, India performed mental math sums at Jeenvanbharati Rotary Hall, Surat on 17th June, 2013. He solved 4 addition sums of 10 rows (9 digit) in 2 min 76ms, 20 multiplication sums of 3X3 digit in 3min 52s, 50 multiplication sums of 2X2 digit in 3 min 1s 60ms, 40 sums of 4 digit square root in 58s 1ms, 30 division sums of 5/4 digit in 42s 90ms.