Who did this :

Nandini Sankhla

Record Place :

Punjab, India

When it done:

29th May, 2009

Record Registration Date:

24th September , 2014

Nandini Sankhla (Born on 5th February, 2000) from Punjab, India achieved the record “Memorising 100 Radom Objects” by memorising 100 randomly selected objects in 9 min. and 49 seconds only. She then recalled all the 100 objects in both forward order and reversed order with 100% accuracy. Names of 100 objects were read out to a blind-folded Nandini by the members of audience after which, she recalled them in 3 minutes and 32 seconds in forward order and in 4 minutes and 42 seconds in reversed order at i-Memory School, Head Office on 29th May, 2009.