Who did this :

Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS-Mumbai)

Record Place :


When it done:

8th April, 2014

Record Registration Date:

8th April, 2014

Sparrow Conservation Mission (SCM) launched by Plant & Animals Welfare Society (PAWS-Mumbai) is a movement to save sparrow and create awareness about the declining sparrow population. Sparrow home, the artificial nest box of sparrow is made up of reused wood. Till now PAWS-Mumbai have success in giving adoption of more than 1000 nest box. On the World Sparrow Day – India they success in giving 101 nest box in one single day in the public garden at Mumbai. Hitesh Yadav, 5 years old is the youngest saver of PAWS -Mumbai. PAWS Mumbai is the first NGO to expose Sparrow trade and this SCM movement is lead under the supervision of Sunish Subramanian Kunju.