Who did this :

Dr. S. Ramesh Babu

Record Place :

Karnataka, India

When it done:

16th January, 2001

Record Registration Date:

20th December, 2013

Dr. S. Ramesh Babu (born on 12th February, 1957) from Karnataka, India performed the Fastest Sanskrit Recitation, by reciting the memorized 36 lines ‘Venkateshwara Sthotra’ comprising of 234 words in a mere 39.728 Sec., using only two breaths, at a blazing speed of 353.4 words per minute, at the St. Philomena’s High School, Hassan (Karnataka), India, on 16th January, 2001. The rendition was digitally recorded on a computer using the ‘Gold Wave’ software for verification by the adjudicating Sanskrit scholars.