Who did this :

Parijoy Saha

Record Place :

West Bengal, India

When it done:

19th September, 2017

Record Registration Date:

19th September, 2017

Parijoy Saha (Born on 14th February, 1974) from West Bengal, India achieved the record “World’s Fastest Bare Hand Painter”. On 10th December 2015, he made world’s fastest realistic painting in 1/5th fraction of a second, world’s fastest abstract painting in a 1/5th fraction of a second and world’s fastest landscape painting in a 1/6th fraction of a second on 38cm x 32cm sized papers using bare hands. On 12th July 2013, he demonstrated 11 novel methods of painting using bare hands, each method taking less than 30 seconds to complete a painting on 37 cm x 28cm sized papers. On 11th December 2011, he made 51 paintings in 35 minutes using bare hands on 37cm x 28cm sized papers. He used white glue, water colours and ivory papers for making all the above-mentioned paintings.