Largest Pencil Drawing (Pencil Sketching)

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24TH MAY, 2010

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2ND MAY, 2014

Ashok Nagpure (born 23rd December, 1963) from Maharashtra, India has created a record of “Largest Pencil Drawing (Pencil Sketching)” by drawing a Pencil Sketch having size 8 feet in height (2.43meter) and 324 feet in length (98.75 meter) covering overall 2592.00 square feet (240.81 square meter) surface area. He sketched the biography of filmmaker Dadasaheb Phalke in 27 frames started on 3rd October, 2009 and finished on 5th May, 2010. He used 720 pencils and 504 erasers in 66 hours 24 minutes on 99 characters. This drawing was display in Nashik, Maharashtra, India on 24th May, 2010.