Longest Marathon (812 Km. Run) for World’s Largest Blood Bank

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APRIL, 2014

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27TH MAY, 2014

Boby Chemmanur, Chairman & Managing Director of Boby Chemmanur International Group, from Kerala, India completed 812 km long marathon, starting from Kasaragod to Trivandrum, with the objective to start a World’s Largest Blood Bank.  Boby Chemmanur took this initiative concerning about the welfare of needy people who are in need of blood at any crucial point of their lifetime. In order to vanish the insufficiency of Blood, Boby Friends Blood Bank to be a tremendous relief to the needy people. The new initiative is for creating Boby Friends Blood Data Bank and making it the World’s Largest Blood Bank and for creating the awareness of blood donation, among the public. He is the 1st Indian who have taken such an initiative aiming for this good cause. All over Kerala, more than 600 blood registration centres were arranged for the public.