Live Sand Statue Of Mahatma Gandhiji

Unique ID:2014AF136Who did this :JAYESH P HINGLAJIYARecord Place :GUJARAT, INDIAWhen it was done:31ST JANUARY, 2010Record Registration Date:3RD APRIL, 2014 Jayesh P Hinglajiya (born on 7th January, 1973) from Gujarat, India created a record by posing himself as a live statue of Mahatma Gandhiji for continuously 7 hours on 31st January,

Inflate Balloon With Ear

Unique ID:2017AF080Who did this :MD. FAQEER PASHARecord Place :TELANGANA, INDIAWhen it was done:2017Record Registration Date:21 FEBRUARY, 2017 Md. Faqeer Pasha (Born on 25th December, 1987) from Telangana, India achieved the record “Inflate Balloon with Ear”. He Inflated Balloon with ear up to length of 70 cm in 3 Minutes.

Different Coloured Eyes

Unique ID:2014AF143Who did this :BROTHERS AMIT AGRAWAL AND PAVAN AGRAWALRecord Place :GUJARAT, INDIAWhen it was done:AS ON 3RD APRIL, 2014Record Registration Date:3RD APRIL, 2014 Brothers Amit Agrawal (born on 12th June, 1983) and Pavan Agrawal (born on 13th February, 1988) from Gujarat, India have different coloured eyes. Amit has a

Writing Lyrics with Mouth

Unique ID:2014AF467Who did this :NEPAL ARMY, TIKARAM BOMJANRecord Place :NEPALWhen it was done:29TH DECEMBER, 2002Record Registration Date:3RD APRIL, 2014 Nepal Army, Tikaram Bomjan (born on 2nd November, 1978) from Nepal Injured by electric burn during duty in observation post and lost both upper limbs on 29th December, 2002 has created

Quadropede Runnning

Unique ID:2016AF117Who did this :GOURAVDEEP SINGH BHATTIRecord Place :HARYANA, INDIAWhen it was done:27TH MAY, 2014Record Registration Date:21 MARCH, 2015 Gouravdeep Singh Bhatti (Born on 11th April, 1997) from Haryana, India has created the record for “Quadropede Runnning”. He can run as animal by using both hands and feet. He performed

Man Without Nipples By Birth

Unique ID:2016AF165Who did this :JAIKISHAN DUBEYRecord Place :MADHYA PRADESH, INDIAWhen it was done:NARecord Registration Date:10 SEPTEMBER, 2015 Jaikishan Dubey (Born on 10th May, 1973) from Madhya Pradesh, India achieved the record for “Man without Nipples by Birth”. He has no nipples at chest by birth. He got tested in Hamidia

Most Time Posing As Mahatama Ghandhi In Different Colours

Unique ID:2016AF174Who did this :JAYESH HINGLAJIYARecord Place :GUJARAT, INDIAWhen it was done:FROM JANUARY, 2003 TO JANUARY, 2015Record Registration Date:28 OCTOBER, 2015 Jayesh Hinglajiya (Born on 7th January, 1973) from Gujarat, India achieved the record for “Most Time Posing as Mahatama Ghandhi in Different Colours”. He performed one hundred and three

Most Wrist Cracking In a Minute

Unique ID:2014AF051Who did this :RAJIV SHARMARecord Place :DELHI, INDIAWhen it was done:5TH JUNE, 2012Record Registration Date:28TH MARCH, 2014 Rajiv Sharma (born on 3rd March, 1981) from Delhi, India has created a record by breaking  most wrist cracking in a minute on 2nd July, 2011. He cracked his wrist 182 times

Fabulous Yoga Posture

Unique ID:2014AF074 Who did this :GOPAL LAL TAILORRecord Place :RAJASTHAN, INDIAWhen it was done:JANUARY 2005Record Registration Date:29TH MARCH, 2014 Gopal Lal Tailor ( born on 16th October, 1983) from Rajasthan, India has created a record as fabulous yoga posture. He twists his hand behind his back twice to clasp the


Unique ID:2014AF075Who did this :VASANTHA HOSABETTURecord Place :KARNATAKA, INDIAWhen it was done:1ST DECEMBER, 2004Record Registration Date:29TH MARCH, 2014 Vasantha Hosabettu (born on 21st May, 1965) from Karnataka, India has created a record of  The Longest Running Cartoon Column appearing every Wednesday  on Kannada Prabha  Newspaper without a break since 1st