Largest Skin Care Lesson (Single Venue)

Unique ID:2019EL047Who did this :Ms.E.Carolin Praba and Vcare professionalsRecord Place :TAMILNADU, INDIAWhen it was done:13th August, 2019Record Registration Date:13th August, 2019 Ms.E.Carolin Praba and Vcare professionals India achieved the Record “Largest Skin Care Lesson (Single Venue)” 2338 People Participated at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai, India on 13th August, 2019.

First ever Film Screenplay Printed in Braille (English)

Unique ID:2019EL028 Who did this :PRASAD PRABHAKARRecord Place :TAMILNADU, INDIAWhen it was done:2ND APRIL, 2019Record Registration Date:2ND APRIL, 2019 PRASAD PRABHAKAR , Writer and Director (Born on 10th May, 1976) from Kerala, India achieved the record "First ever Film Screenplay Printed in Braille (English)" introducing his film THE SOUND STORY,

Most Degrees/Diploma’s Certificates in the Field of Yoga and Naturopathy

Unique ID:2019E003Who did this :DR. PRADEEP MATHURRecord Place :HARYANA, INDIAWhen it was done:12TH OCTOBER, 2018Record Registration Date:12TH OCTOBER, 2018 Dr. Pradeep Mathur (Born on 5th January, 1967) from Haryana, India achieved the record “Most Degrees/Diploma’s Certificates in the Field of Yoga and Naturopathy”. He achieved 27 certificates till 2017 among

Most Times Ugc-Net Exam Cleared in Tourism Administration and Management

Unique ID:2018E041Who did this :SANDEEP KUMARRecord Place :HARYANA, INDIAWhen it was done:8TH MARCH, 2018Record Registration Date:8TH MARCH, 2018 Sandeep Kumar (Born on 29th November, 1984) From Haryana, India achieved the record “Most Times Ugc-Net Exam Cleared in Tourism Administration and Management”. He has cleared UGC – NET five times in the

Youngest of Abacus Graduation Certificate Achiever

Unique ID:2014E420Who did this :TEJASRI RELANGRecord Place :ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIAWhen it was done:1ST JANUARY, 2012Record Registration Date:4TH APRIL, 2014 Tejasri Relangi (born on 2nd February, 2005) from Andhra Pradesh, India has created a record of The Youngest Achiever of Graduation Certificate in Abacus at the age of 6 years 8

31 Degrees during Imprisonment

Unique ID:2014E122Who did this :BHANUBHAI PATELRecord Place :GUJARAT, INDIAWhen it was done:JANUARY, 2005 TO DECEMBER, 2011Record Registration Date:4TH APRIL, 2014 Bhanubhai Patel (born on 8th January, 1955) from Gujarat, India has completed 31 degrees, diplomas and certificates programmes from various universities and institutions during his imprisonment period in the Central

American Theme Novel Written by Non American Author

Unique ID:2014E105Who did this :MOHAN RAO DURIKIRecord Place :ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIAWhen it was done:4TH APRIL, 2014Record Registration Date:4TH APRIL, 2014 Mohan Rao Duriki (born on 11th June, 1966) from Andhra Pradesh, India has  created a record by writing an English Novel  named “The X-Ray Man” with an American theme based

Highest Number of IATA Qualification

Unique ID:2014E255Who did this :FAROOKH SENSEIRecord Place :KERALA, INDIAWhen it was done:30TH JUNE, 2013Record Registration Date:11TH MARCH, 2014 Farookh Sensei (born on 27th August, 1966) from Kerala, India has completed 40 International Air Transport Association (IATA) courses till 30th June, 2013 having acquired his first IATA certificate in 1994. In

Most Joint Csir-Ugc Net Exams Cleared

Unique ID:2014E353Who did this :YASHPAULRecord Place :PUNJAB, INDIAWhen it was done:24TH SEPTEMBER, 2013Record Registration Date:24TH SEPTEMBER, 2013 Yashpaul (born on 4th April, 1983) from Punjab, India has created a record “Most Joint CSIR-UGC NET Exams Cleared”. He has cleared CSIR-UGC NET (LS) once, UGC (JRF) once and CSIR (JRF) 8