Fill Online Application Form to Set/Break a New Record to receive the guidelines for your event, Invite a Judge or get onsite verification and certification.


Fill Online Application Form to Submit a Record and attach all evidences required for the verification of your claim. Please read Rules & Guidelines in detail before submission.


Our Official Representative will attend your record breaking/making event for on the site verification and certification and will provide on-site support through the entire event


Meet our event partners and let your world record event organised by our professional team, having expertise in the field of world records and make your event 100% successful.
Claimants can apply for registering their records by filling the Online Record Submission Form. In Normal Service Mode, process takes about up to 6 months to review an application. On other hand if anybody wants speedy process he/she can apply via Express Mode Services, which processes their claim within 4 working days. On our Website claimants can search record categories. Anyone can break the existing one or they can apply for the new one if not on our database. To create record and submit the achievement, claimant needs to submit Online Record Application Form with the proposed “Title” of the record. After receiving the application request from claimant, we send the confirmation e-mail after verifying and reviewing the claim with our response which may be positive or negative, depending on the claim.
Normal Services
Completely free service for processing your record application, however there are so many record applicants in queue waiting for approval, so it formally takes up to 6 months for our team to reply to a record application.
Premium Services
Under Premium Services, take the benefit of various paid services, like Express Mode Service, Adjudication Services, Premium Certificate Services, Event Management Services, and Licencing etc.
Rules & Guidelines
Specific guidelines must be followed during the event. Please read and understood all requirements regarding your record attempt prior to the attempt to make you record event successful.
Frequently Asked Questions - Please help us to get through these queries as efficiently as possible by reading and understanding what we will and will not accept as potential records. Read about all services offered by us.



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