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Adjudication Services

It is great to have the presence of an Official Unique World Records Judge for showcasing your achievement on a platform which attract higher media attention and makes your event graceful and unforgettable with on the site verification and certification.

Our Official Unique World Records Representative will attend your event for on the site verification and certification. All requests are considered on an individual basis and incur costs such as travelling expenses including airfares, Taxi Fare, accommodation in a good hotel and food etc. Send an application as early as possible prior to your attempt. It will include some cost according to the location, city, state and country. The Charge of this Service for single-day event is INR 45,000/- it may vary depending on the type of event, a number of days and place. Please submit this “Invite a Judge” application to get right service charges details applicable for your region.

Using This Service to Make/Break Record

1.) Get instant Record Specific Guidelines in 2 working days and reply to every query in a single working day.
2.) Designated Record Manager to guide you through the entire process and to fill and complete your application.
3.) You will get on Spot Evidence Verification and instant Certification at the event, no need to submit evidence online, no need to wait for the result.
4.) Save a lot of money and avoid many evidence requirements which are otherwise considered mandatory like complete event video and other necessary documents.
5.) Independent witnesses are not required when official Adjudicators are present at your event.
6.)Expert help and guidance to save unwanted expenses of the event.

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DECLARATION: Unique World Records is not obligated to designate world record status to any submission as the decision is based on their belief in supporting evidence and /or relevance of their claim. Unique World Records policy try to find records that are reproducible, breakable and based on skill. Freak, strange and unusual anomalies are not world records. Stunts involving luck or uncontrolled danger should not be submitted.Unique World Records will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that takes place during the Record Attempt. Unique World Records will be under no obligation to return any materials to me in any circumstances.
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By clicking Invite a Judge, I confirm that the entire information including all documents submitted are true by best of my knowledge and I am bound to agree to Unique World Records Limited terms and conditions regarding Adjudication Services agreement and Agreement to Record Attempt. I have read and understood all these terms and conditions carefully before applying and submitting the Application
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