Once your record title accepted as an official Unique World Records Attempt, you can apply via our website to use the Unique World Records ™ and logo to promote your attempt. We can offer use of our TM and logo on specific items for up to two weeks before your attempt for a fixed fee of Rs. 5000/- or $ 100.

Please note that UNIQUE WORLD RECORDS and logo are Trade Marks of Unique World Records, a wholly owned intellectual property of company Unique World Records Limited and are protected by Intellectual Property Laws and Copyright Acts. Their use in any form of advertising, promotion and publicity and use on clothing or other merchandise is strictly forbidden without prior written permission from company. If you would like to apply for permission please click on above button and submit request for permission.


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How to Apply?

How to Set/Break a Record, Submit a Record or Invite a Judge? – Step by Step complete application process….

General Guidelines

The specific guidelines to your record attempt that must be followed during the event.

Invite a Judge

Invite an Official Unique World Records Judge to your event and get on the site verification and certification.

Record Consultancy

If you want to achieve a world record and do not know what to do? And how to do?


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