Premium Services

Under Premium Services, take the benefit of various paid services, like Express Mode Service, Adjudication Services, Premium Certificate Services, Event Management Services, and Licencing etc.

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Once your record accepted as an official world record by Unique World Records you can apply via our website to use the Unique World Records ™ and logo to promote your attempt. We can offer use of our tm and logo on specific items for up to two weeks before your attempt for a fixed fee of INR 5000/- + 18% GST. Please note that UNIQUE WORLD RECORDS and logo are Trade Marks of Unique World Records, a wholly owned intellectual property of Author of Unique World Records and are protected by Intellectual Property Laws. Their use in any form of advertising, promotion and publicity and use on clothing or other merchandise is strictly forbidden without prior written permission from Author. If you would like to apply for permission please contact the Editor-in-Chief.
Sababbi Mangal
Chief Editor
Unique World Records Limited
Express Mode Services
It formerly takes up to 6 weeks for our team to reply to a record application and entire record verification process takes up to 30 weeks. However, if you need an answer quicker than this, we are able to offer a premium ``Express Mode`` option. This service ensures that your application is reviewed and a response sent to you within four working days of receipt of your Agreement for the Record Attempts, here in the Indian office.
Event Management Services
Meet our event partners and let your world record event organised by our professional team, having expertise in the field of world records and make your event 100% successful.
Adjudication Services
You can request a Unique World Records representative to attend your event, please contact us via the website. All requests are considered on an individual basis, and incur costs such as airfares, accommodation. Send an application as early as possible prior to your attempt. Note: It is not generally necessary for our adjudicators to attend events. If you want to get your record verification on the spot then you can invite a Judge to your attempt.
Premium Certificate Services
Get the exclusive Premium Certificate Pack including Certificate, Cover Letter, Medal, Batch, and ID Card at your place and celebrate.



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