Express Mode Services

It formerly takes up to 6 weeks for our team to reply to a record application and entire record verification process takes up to 30 weeks. However, if you need an answer quicker than this, we are able to offer a premium “Express Mode” option. This service ensures that your application is reviewed and a response sent to you within 4 working days of receipt of your Agreement for the Record Attempts, here in the Indian office.

This service bear a charge of INR 25,000/- + 18% GST, and payment must be received by Unique World Records before we process your application. If you use the service and your record suggestion is approved by us, or is a current Unique World Records category we will get back to you within the four days with relevant rules so you can go ahead and attempt the record, as soon as possible. If, however, your record suggestion is not suitable for a Unique World Record, we’ll also get back to you with an explanation of why it is not of interest. Even as the Express Mode fee guarantees a response within the four working days, it is not a guarantee that your proposal will be accepted by us as a potential record category. Please note, the fee covers the review of the initial record category query only, it does not cover the review of any subsequent claim on the relevant category.

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