Effective as of Feb 11, 2019


This is the Privacy Policy of the website (and any successor or other domains that we operate) and all content, services and products, including our mobile applications, that we provide (collectively, the “Application”). The Application is owned and operated by unique world records ltd. (together with our affiliates and subsidiaries, “”, “we”, “us”, “our” and terms of similar meaning). It describes the personal information that we collect from users for registration of world records or allied services, of our Application as part of the normal operation of our Application, and how we use and disclose this information. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Privacy Policy have the meanings in our Terms and Conditions.

In this Privacy Policy, when we refer to “Users”, we mean our customers who use our Services, and when we refer to “End Users” we mean the users, visitors and other customers who visit our website.

This Privacy Policy describes what we do with personal information that we collect and use for our world records processing purposes (i.e., where we are a controller), such as User Account information and information about how you use and interact with our Services, including information you submit to our customer support as well as certain information relating to our Users’ End Users.

We host and process Content for our Users, for their own use and for the use of their End Users. Our Users tell us what to do with their Content in relation to the Service, and in accordance with the Agreement and the operation of our Service we follow their request. This Privacy Policy does not describe what we do with Content on our Users’ instructions (i.e., as their processor). If you are an End User of our website content and want to know how that User handles your information, you should check its privacy policy. If you want to know about what we do for our own purposes, read on. If you are a User, we process User Content on your request or with your permission.

We use cookies and similar technologies. Our Cookie Policy describes what we do in that regard.

By accepting this Privacy Policy in registration or by using our Services, you expressly consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and subject to our Terms and conditions.

Privacy Laws in India-The Information Technology Act of 2000 governs various issues relating to the internet, maintenance of website and e-commerce. It is the Information Technology Act, that criminalises and provides civil damages for hacking, infusion of virus, unauthorised copying, tampering, etc., In 2008, the Act was further extended to criminalise additional activity such as sending of offensive content, theft of computer resources, identity theft, cheating by impersonation, cyber terrorism, transmitting of obscene content and child pornography. In this article, we mainly look at the rules concerning website privacy policy and privacy rules in India.

The 2009 amendment to the Information Technology Act introduced basic privacy and data protection provisions. The privacy law in India now requires businesses and websites to apply due care while collecting and dealing with sensitive personal data or information. A civil provision is now available, prescribing damages for an entity that is negligent in using “reasonable security practices and procedures” while handling “sensitive personal data or information”, resulting in wrongful loss or wrongful gain to any person. Further, criminal punishment is also provided for persons who:

Disclose sensitive personal information without the consent of the person or in breach of the relevant contract, with intention of, or knowing that the disclosure would cause wrongful loss or gain.


We use personal information in the file we maintain about your request for registration of world record, and other information we obtain from your current and past activities on the Application, to provide to you the services offered by the Application; resolve service disputes; troubleshoot problems; measure consumer interest in our products and services; inform you about online and offline offers, products, services, events and updates; deliver information to you that, in some cases, is relevant to your interests, such as product news; customize your experience; detect and protect us against error, fraud and other criminal activity; enforce our Terms and Conditions; provide you with system or administrative messages,

We may also use personal information about you to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, to analyse Application usage, to improve our content and product offerings, and to customize the Application’s content, layout, and services. These uses improve the Application and better tailor it to meet your needs, so as to provide you with a smooth, efficient, safe and customized experience while using the Application.

Please see below under “How we Retain your Personal Information” for information on what we do to account information when you terminate your account with us.