If you want to achieve a world record and do not know what to do? And how to do? Then do not worry. We have a team of trained professionals that is always available for assistance and consultancy services on demand. The passionate and dedicated team combined has over a decade of record consultancy experience in the genre of World Record events.

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Our creative team will deliver innovative marketing ideas to involve your audience with reality, leaving long lasting positive impact.

Record Consultants

What you will get?

Providing expert knowledge to the applicants as an educator, a trainer, a catalyst for deeper change, a resource, a facilitator and expert advice and guidance for successful accomplishment of the record attempt.
  • Designated Record Manager to complete your application forms.
  • Detailed guidelines explanation for a successful record attempt.
  • Adept guidance for marketing and promotional activities.
  • Title Approval in 24 hours, Record Specific Guidelines in 2 working days, Evidence Review in 2 working days and reply to every query in single working day.
  • Designated Record Consultant to guide you through the entire process.
  • Expert help and guidance to save unwanted expenses of your event.



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