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Submit Record Evidence for Review

Successfully attempted the record? If yes, please submit all evidence required. After evidence review, Unique World Records may grant or deny record status as per the final verification.

If your proposed Record Title has been accepted and you got UNIQUE ID via email for submission of Evidence for already Attempted Record then you are at RIGHT PAGE

If you did not apply for Title Check and do not have UNIQUE ID then Please fill the Record Title check form FIRST where you have to describe the record facts with title and description so that our team should be able to understand the fact and shall grant the permission. Please read, understand and accept our Record Application Terms & Condition, Agreement to Record Attempt and Record Policies before proceeding. Apply for Title Check here

Fill the below form and Submit the Record Evidence for Review

Here first you need to choose the service option (1.) Free Evidence Review, or service option (2.) Express Evidence Review and Fill the complete details in all required columns, attach all the required documents as per the record specific guidelines provided and submit evidence for review.


Free Evidence Review – Complete Verification in 12 Weeks): INR 0


Completely free service for evidence review and processing your record application, however, there are so many record applicants in a queue waiting for approval, so it may formally take up to 4 weeks for our team to reply to a record application and entire record verification process takes up to 12 weeks. However, if you need an answer faster, you can choose the Express Evidence Review service which ensures that your application is reviewed and a response sent to you within 4 working days. Under Free Evidence Review, if your record verification got successful, we will get back to you within 12 weeks with Record Approval e-mail with the subject “Official Unique World Records – Record”. Once Record status is granted to the applicant, the record details will be published on our International Records Database website and the upcoming annual edition of the book. The applicant will receive an email with the link to order Certificate and other paid accessories if required.


Express Evidence Review – Complete Verification in 4 Working Days) INR 12,000/-


Can’t wait for a long time, Signup for premium “Express Evidence Review” options which ensure that your application is reviewed and a response sent to you within 4 working days. Express Evidence Review Services bears a charge of INR 20,000/-, and payment must be received by Unique World Records before we process your application. If you use this service and your record verification got successful, we will get back to you within 4 working days with Record Approval e-mail with the subject “Official Unique World Records – Record”. Once Record status is granted to the applicant, the record details will be published on our International Records Database website and the upcoming annual edition of the book. The applicant will receive an email with the link to order Certificate and other paid accessories if required.

Once the application is submitted you will get a confirmation email to acknowledge receipt of this and your application will be activated on our system. If your record verification got successful after verifying all the documents about the records, our Record Management Team will send the Record Approval e-mail with the subject “Official Unique World Records – Record”. Once Record status is granted to the applicant, the record details will be published on our International Records Database website and the upcoming annual edition of the book. The applicant will receive an email with the link to order Certificate and other paid accessories if required.

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Please Choose the Service Options:
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  • Express Evidence Review – Complete Verification in 4 Working Days - ₹ 12,000
  • Free Evidence Review – Complete Verification in 12 Weeks
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Is this a New Record (never done before)?
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1.) Covering Letter
The Covering Letter must provide a clear overview and detailed definition of your record attempt. The Covering Letter act as a road map for our team to evaluate your record attempt application.

The Covering Letter must include the following:

● Who should be listed in our database as the record holder, including complete address?
● What was the final measurement of the record attempt?
● When and where the attempt took place, including date, time, venue, city, state and country.
● How the record was measured and achieved.
● A list of the items of evidence provided by you.

Upload - Covering Letter
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Upload - Applicant ID Proof
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Upload - Applicant Residence Proof
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2.) Statement of Two Witnesses
Witness statements from independent individuals verify relevant details of a record attempt where Unique World Records Team is not present, they are tasked to confirming whether all Unique World Records guidelines have been adhered to, and providing a detailed account of exactly what took place.

The statements must include the following:

● Complete contact details of the witnesses must be provided.
● Simply final measurement is not sufficient. All details including how the record was measured, who performed the measurement, and judgment of the fact that guidelines were understood and adhered to, and notes /remarks, if any.
● Witnesses are hereby directed that the Statements must be completed in their own words, by themselves only.
● Pan Card to Verify Signatures and Valid ID and Address Proof like Aadhaar Card, Voter ID and Driving License etc. should be submitted for each witness.

Who can act as a valid witness?

Unique World Records adjudicators (this is a paid service. Visit our Website for more information) Applicants can invite Official Unique World Records Adjudicator to their record-breaking/making event for on the site verification and certification. For live events, our representative will provide on-site support through the entire event according to the official guidelines. Using this service applicant can get instant acceptance if their attempt got successful or rejection if not successful.

Professionals from the community–EXAMPLE OF WITNESS-Advocates, government officials, accountants, police/army officers, and media editors/reporters etc. they must be independent and the sole purpose of their presence at the event is to act as a witness.

Audit company or professional firm–For mass participation records events having greater than 8,000 participants.

Upload - Witness Statement 1
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Upload - Witness Statement 2
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Upload - Witness Statement 1 PAN Card
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Upload - Witness Statement 2 PAN Card
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Upload - Witness Statement 1 Address Proof
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Upload - Witness Statement 2 Address Proof
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3.) Photographic Evidence
UWR consider Photographs as a compulsory evidence for all record attempts, Interesting, high-quality photographs stand a much better chance of appearing in the Unique World Records book or our website.

The photographs must be included

The significant moments of the attempt must be duly photographed. Showing each stage of your record attempt; preparation, attempt and results. As well as key moments such as the weighing of ingredients involved, the presence of your witnesses, etc.

Your photographs must Show multiplicity (from various angles and positions, different stages of the record attempt such as start, during, end), Show a sense of scale (a large object or large gathering of people) and must Capture the real action (participants in action and in the act of undertaking the attempt.), The photographs are the primary source of verification hence be captured with the utmost care, with reference to above said parameters.

Upload - All Photographs
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4.) Video Graphic Evidence
Complete and raw video footage is vital for true adjudication and verification of your record attempt. It is mandatory evidence.

The video graphic evidence must include

1.) The entire record attempt video must be showing and focusing clearly on the record attempt from start to finish, regardless of the duration of attempt, The camera must be in such a position to enhance our team`s ability to accurately observe the actual performance. The video must clearly show the measurement of the record and all parts of attempt relevant moments as per guidelines.

    ● A standby camera for filming every moment of ‘longest marathon’ record attempts. So that it can be ensured that at least one camera is video graphing the event at all points of time. As we understand there maybe need to change the batteries etc. at times.
    ● You must provide a list of times of the occurrences with respect to the video evidence for efficient verification. Misrepresentation and willful concealment will lead to disqualification of your attempt.

2.) All parts of the attempt relevant to the record guidelines must be video graphed. 1 Minute Promo Video, and 1 Hour Short Video of the entire event is required.

3.) A brief introduction to the attempt at the beginning of the footage must be provided. (Name, venue, description of record etc.)

Acceptable formats

Any video format which can be played on a Personal Computer, e.g. mp4, avi.

Upload all Videos in Google Drive and paste the link below (Max File Size for online Submission is 500 MB, in case large files, you required to submit via Pendrive / Harddrive) at our registered address.

Upload - All Record Videos
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5.) Attempt Logbook
Log book is essential part of evidence for almost all records but record attempts of more than one hour time durations (including journeys and expeditions, which take a considerable time like months or years and so on). For such record attempts, details of completed activity, rest breaks and what is achieved at what point are required to be accurately entered in the log book, in order to review with respect to the video footage submitted as evidence. the individual , team and / or support teams are responsible for maintaining the log book throughout the attempt, kindly refer to your record specific guidelines for certain cases where, independent witnesses are responsible for maintaining the logbooks.

What must the logbook include?

● Hourly entries must be made to logbook about the time of injury, weather, delays, equipment breakdown or any unexpected disturbances/occurrences along with an account of what has been achieved during this period. For marathon record attempts.

● Logbooks must include start and stop times for activity and rest breaks. Refer to record Specific Guidelines for Any other requirements.

Upload - Attempt Logbook
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Guests Log Book
UWR requires Visitors/Media/Guests/Witness Log Books on compulsory basis for every record evidence. This logbook must include Name, Designation, Contact Details and remarks if any along with Signatures.
Upload - Guest Logbook
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6.) Statements of Timekeeper
Time- based and duration based records must have at least two timekeepers and for specific period performances (e.g. Most in one minute). Two timekeepers presence is essential apart from independent witnesses.), UWR may consider your request in some cases, depending upon your record attempt, for a special and prior permission to be granted for the witnesses to act as timekeeper as well.

The statements (written statement) must include

Record title, readings, results and time relevant information (details of the time measurement method, date and location etc.) of the record being attempted, full name and contact details of the timekeepers along with details regarding their expertise in timekeeping. Ensure that the required information is furnished completely, willful concealment and misrepresentation may lead to outright rejection. The applicants having prior permission from UWR for independent witness acting, as a timekeeper. One statement including the details required for both the independent witness statement and the timekeeper statement must be submitted in such cases.

If you are not sure yet, Contact Support.

Upload - Statements of Timekeeper
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7.) Statements of Surveyor (For physical dimensions Oriented records)
ALL Records involving physical dimensions of your construction like, large structures, articles, sculpture, articles chains and mosaics require qualified Surveyor statement, who must be present to take physical dimensions in the presence of two independent witnesses.

Surveyor Qualification

A Government or certified land surveyor (serving or retired), an architect or a professor/lecturer of land surveying (serving or retired), construction industry expert.

The statements must include

Name, qualification proof, contact details, their role in the event, the brief information of their expertise and, Confirmation of measurements taken and all other details of the event (location, date, time, measurement). With the definition of the method used to establish the final results

If you are not sure yet, how to submit a surveyor’s statement., Contact Support.

Upload - Statement of Surveyor
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8.) Statements of Curator (only for Mass Participation Records)
Independent curators are required for mass participation record attempts involving active participation by participants being held at controlled, monitored and ticketed venues. Curators supervise predetermined groups of participants, in order to monitor active and desired participation by all attendees taking part in the record attempt. Curators measure the active participants’ count who successfully completed the activity in accordance with the guidelines.

The statement must include

Full contact details of each CURATOR, Dates, time, counting method, and the number of participants in his/her group with the number of participants disqualified and reasons thereof, plus Confirmation about the guidelines.

Once the attempt is completed curator statements are instantly provided to the independent witnesses, independent witnesses calculate the final total based on Curator statements expressing the number of participants disqualified by Curators.

If you are not sure yet, how to submit a Curator's statement, Contact Support.

Upload - Statement of Curator
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9.) Statements of Specialist / Medical Professional / Veterinary Physician Witness. (For technical, medical and animal records)
For all records based on human anatomical measurements, medical history of an individual, mass participation medical events etc. Medical professional act as specialist witness. They cannot be replaced by regular independent witness, similarly veterinary physicians are mandatory for record attempts based on animal sizes and ages apart from some new ideas.

The statement must include

All the same information as an independent witness (Name, contact details, their role in the event, along with their expertise in the field, proof of qualifications (business card etc.), Confirmation of all aspects of the event – location, date, time, measurement (including technical aspects.)

Upload - Special Witness Statement
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Upload - Special Witness PAN Card
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Upload - Special Witness Address Proof
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10.) Miscellaneous Evidence
NOTE-list given above is non-exhaustive and you can include any additional documentation that may be helpful for your application verification; MARK such additional evidence as MISCELLANEOUS EVIDENCE.

Media Cuttings and Clips

Any world record attempt usually get great media coverage before, on and after the event, so it will help us to identify your record attempt, however, it is not necessary to submit the media coverage if you don’t have it.

Upload - Miscellaneous Documents
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Upload - Participants List in Excel Sheet in Case of Mass Participation
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If mass participation record is attempted, maintain the participant's list in excel format along with the codes assigned to each participant. If an attempt has greater than 8,000 participants, a professional auditing firm must be assigned to count the participants, and they must submit a statement of the attempt with all details of verification and the final total.

The record description is short note on the record describing the details of applicants, organisers, participants, date, time and venue of a record attempt, however you must submit the brief story in the Record Application Form for the complete information, uncompleted information can lead to record rejection.
Field is required!
DECLARATION: I understand that the Unique World Records is not obligated to designate world record status to my submission as the decision is based on their belief in supporting evidence and /or relevance of my claim. Unique World Records will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that takes place during the Record Attempt. Unique World Records will be under no obligation to return any materials to me in any circumstances. Scanned Image of Signature must be your real signature, in case found fake at any point the application will be cancelled immediately.
Field is required!
By clicking Submit, I confirm that the entire information including all documents submitted are true by best of my knowledge and I am bound to agree to Unique World Records Limited terms and conditions regarding Evidence Review and Agreement to Record Attempt. I have read and understand all these terms and conditions carefully before applying and clicking the button Pay & Submit.
Field is required!
APPLICANT DECLARATION (Agreement to these terms and conditions). I have read and understood all the terms of this agreement and I am bound to agree to Unique World Records Limited terms and conditions regarding this Agreement to Record Attempt, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Record Policies.
Field is required!
Unique World Records policy tries to find records that are reproducible, breakable and based on skill. Freak, strange and unusual anomalies are not world records. Stunts involving luck or uncontrolled danger should not be submitted.
Please upload scanned Handwritten Signature of Applicant, Parent / Guardian (In case Applicant is Minor)
Upload - Handwritten Signature of Applicant
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