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Title Check

Check if the desired Record Title is acceptable.

Please fill the Record Title check form where you have to describe the record facts with title and description so that our team should be able to understand the fact and shall grant the permission. Please read, understand and accept our Record Application Terms & Condition, Agreement to Record Attempt and Record Policies before proceeding.

Applicant Information - Details of a person applying for Title Approval on the behalf of Individual / Organisation
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Proposed Record Title Information
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DECLARATION: Unique World Records is not obligated to designate world record status to any submission as the decision is based on their belief in supporting evidence and /or relevance of their claim. Unique World Records policy try to find records that are reproducible, breakable and based on skill. Freak, strange and unusual anomalies are not world records. Stunts involving luck or uncontrolled danger should not be submitted. Unique World Records will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that takes place during the Record Attempt. Unique World Records will be under no obligation to return any materials to me in any circumstances.

Terms and Conditions (Application)



Reading lengthy terms and conditions is a cumbersome job but you are requested to please read through them carefully, to clearly understand, what is actually required from you before you prepare to attempt. These terms summarize the responsibilities that you are taking on when you agree to attempt your record and also what is expected of you once your attempt has been made. The terms are simple and clear and if there is any part of these terms which you still you don’t understand, please contact support.


You agree that we may start to offer you the chosen service upon acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you decide to cancel this agreement, you may only be entitled to a partial refund depending on work carried out during the cancellation period.

General Information

This document will form an agreement between UNIQUE World Records Limited, (otherwise known “UWR” or “we” or “us”) and you, the applicant.

Please submit your application for a UNIQUE World Records title, if you agree to these terms.

After your application is submitted, it is important that you wait until you receive confirmation of approval of your record attempt before taking any further action.

In case you do not receive an e-mail, please do not assume that your record attempt has been approved. Whilst we will do our best to approve your chosen record attempt title, there may be certain cases where we will have to modify the title before allowing you to proceed with the attempt.

If you are unable to accept these terms for any reason, we will unfortunately not be able to proceed with your application.

Record Attempt Guidelines

We will send record specific guidelines for your record attempt after receiving and reviewing your proposed record application. You must strictly adhere to the guidelines for your UWR record attempt. Due to the large volume of applications, we may not always be able to inform you about any changes in the record. For Example, record information may change after the information has been provided to you or a record may be broken or guidelines may need to be amended. The information provided to you is up-to-date to the best of our knowledge at the time it is given.

The unsuccessful record attempt is disappointing for you, UWR decision shall be final and binding and there is no requirement for us to enter into further correspondence.

If you are uncertain on any part of the guidelines, please contact support.

Supporting Materials and Evidence

First, accept the Application Terms and Conditions and Agreement to Record Attempt (ARA) and apply for Title approval, once your title got approved, you need to apply for Record Specific Guidelines for the record attempt, and once it is done by yourself you will receive the following information:

• Record Specific Guidelines
• Evidence Guide
• Knowledgebase FAQ’s
• Prescribed Formats


Evidence is a vital part of the whole process hence to stand the best chance of achieving a UWR Record; you should submit all material possible as per the evidence guide. In the absence of enough evidence to support your claim, unfortunately, we may reject your claim. We are unable to return the evidence submitted.

UWR’s right to use your evidence materials submitted.

We may use the evidence you submit in our UNIQUE World Records publications, on our website, television shows or another medium. By accepting these terms, you allow us to use free of charge, all of the materials submitted. UWR will be under no obligation to identify you, author or the actual owner of the materials. You agree to enter into a separate agreement between you and the owner of evidence (you or a third party) to transfer the rights of use of evidence material by us. The permission you grant to UWR above does not affect the owner’s right (whether you or a third party) to use the evidence.

Other terms

By agreeing to these terms you agree that:

Your Information

• We may provide any details to the public related to your record attempt/title, without any obligation on us to do so.
• That you will not take any legal action against us if any incorrect details are released by us. Though we try hard to avoid errors and correct them as soon as we become aware of them.
• Your personal information can be used for the following purposes:
• For processing your application
• For our publications
• For marketing
• For promoting our brand through any media including contacting you
• For sharing your contact information to third parties where you may be interested (for example TV production companies and PR companies).
• The global nature of our business compels us sometimes for transferring your personal information outside the European Union, even to countries where your information may not be protected to the same extent.

You agree to not take legal action against us in case you suffer any loss due to any loss of personal data except where it is our fault.


• You agree that you will not use the word ‘UNIQUE World Records’ for any commercial purposes. You will only use it to identify and describe your record attempt
• You agree to obtain our permission to use our trademark for commercial purposes and our logos for any purposes.

General confirmations

• All information you provided is true, accurate and verifiable
• You will grant us the permissions needed to enable us to use your evidence without breaching anyone else’s rights

For cases, someone else other than applicant/you will be making the attempt

• PR or advertising agency/others acting on behalf of a third party must ensure that every participant has or will have agreed to these terms well before the record attempt takes place.

UWR’s right of recovery against you

• If a third party takes legal action against us as a result of loss, personal injury or death resulting from your record attempt or due to any of the assurances provided by you in these terms being incorrect, UWR can recover any loss arising from the third party’s action from you including demands, claims, damages, costs and expenses.

Limitation on your ability to recover from UWR

• Except for any loss, damage or injury resulting from UWR’s negligence, UWR or other any companies in its group will not be liable to you or third party for any loss, damage or injury arising out of your record attempt.

Safety Requirements

You must agree to the following terms regarding the safety of your record attempt.

Your record attempt may be hazardous to you and others, even if you comply with the guidelines provided by us. The Guidelines are non-exhaustive and cannot offer or replace any safety advice and remember your record attempt is not risk-free. In addition to compliance with the guidelines provided by us, you must take safety advice from a qualified safety expert. As part of additional advice we expect you to cover the following:

1. A comprehensive risk evaluation to identify all potential risks to everyone at your record attempt
2. A comprehensive evaluation of adequate and appropriate medical and other resources which must be made available at your record attempt
3. you must have the required insurance policy to cover any potential claims

Applicable health & safety guidelines and laws must be adhered to, in addition to taking safety advice. You are not only responsible for all safety aspects related to the record attempt, but also you are solely responsible for any/all violation of rules and laws at the place of your record attempt. You have full responsibility for the safety of your record attempt and to decide whether or not to make the record attempt. Therefore, except personal injury and or death due to UWR’s negligence, neither UWR nor any companies in its group will be liable to you or your estate for any loss, damage or injury to yourself or anyone at the record attempt, or anyone’s property, or arising from a breach of these terms.

Miscellaneous terms

No third parties will have any rights under these terms.
If any part of these terms is found to be invalid, the other terms will still remain in force.
We may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms to a third party without your consent.
These terms will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Indian law, with the Indian Courts having exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute arising under these terms.

Cancellation Policy

Within 10 working days of accepting these terms. You can cancel our proposed agreement if you do not want to proceed with your application.

How to Cancel

You may contact support to cancel the application on our website.

Effects of Cancellation

The fee paid for any product and service will be non-refundable in all circumstances, however, if you are entitled to any refund, it will depend on the decision at the absolute discretion of UWR. We may charge you on a pro-rata basis. The refund will be made using the same means of payment as per available mode options, within 10 working days after your request to cancel your service.

Download a copy of these terms and condition click here

In Agreement & Signature to these terms
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Scanned Signature of Applicant, Parent / Guardian (In case Applicant is Minor)
Upload your Signature...
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Agreement to Record Attempt

This agreement is Between Unique World Records Limited (hereafter referred to as “UWR”), and 'you' as Applicant:

UWR reserves all rights to grant of record title on the basis of qualifying criterion. Therefore if your proposed record title is not acceptable UWR may offer you an alternative title.

Field is required!
Field is required!
You agree that all types of liabilities or consequences arising out of your record attempt are yours as per following provisions of this agreement hereby acknowledged.

All information you provided is true, accurate and verifiable

UWR receives a huge number of applications every year for proposed record titles approval from all over the world but only a few of them qualifies to become official UWR record titles.
UWR provides an Application Unique ID along with confirmation email declaring that your proposed record title is accepted as a UWR record title. After your title is accepted you need to apply for Record Specific Guidelines, once it is done you will receive Record Specific Guidelines, Evidence Guide, FAQ’s Section and Prescribed Formats.
And you understand and accept that if you attempt the proposed record title before you receive the record attempt information kit the proposed record title may be or may not be recognized by UWR as a Unique World Records title, else, it must be ensured that attempt is made in compliance with the guidelines and terms.


Necessary guidance for entering into a valid agreement with you.

Minors and Children

If the applicant, you or any person associated directly or indirectly with the record attempt are/is under 18 years of age or defined as minor in the jurisdiction of the record attempt, your/their parents or legal guardians must read these terms and agree on your/their behalf that your record attempt is subject to terms given hereby.
Your record attempt will not be recognized by UWR if your parents or legal guardians have not read and accepted this document, or if the jurisdiction of the record attempt does not recognize the validity of documents signed by parents or legal guardians on behalf of minors, your parents or legal guardians are hereby directed to analyze every aspect of the proposed record attempt.
If record attempt is being organized by you, by virtue of being employed, contracted or engaged to organize the record attempt on behalf of an individual, company, organization or group, by way of separate agreement each persons’ consent is mandatory to enter into and accept this agreement. Failing to submit the required documents mentioned in above sentences shall result in rejection of your application.

If record attempt is being undertaken by a company, organization or group, a person can be nominated by the group as the representative with the authority to enter into this agreement, only one person per group shall be nominated to act in such capacity .who must read, agree and accept an agreement on the behalf of the company, organization or group.

You agree that you have chosen to seek risk at your sole expense after considering the professional safety advice and safety equipment along with safety measures for the necessary insurance policy of the record attempt

You agree that you have evaluated all possible risk that may be involved, during preparation or undertaking record attempt, for anyone including you, other participants and or any spectators you agree and acknowledge that medical aid team of doctor(s), paramedics and others with all equipment must be present at the spot of the record attempt, as advised by medical experts and other resources,

You agree that you will take all necessary precautions and measures on the basis of all safety guidelines obtained from any individuals, experts, organization or government authority.



You agree and acknowledge that despite the record attempt being conducted in compliance and accordance with the guidelines and safety advice, still, it may be dangerous to you and others. and you agree and acknowledge that you will be solely responsible not only for your decision, to proceed or not to proceed but also for injury caused to anyone including you, during preparation or undertaking record attempt.


You agree and understand that you have evaluated potential risk involved in your record attempt and that UWR, its agents, officers, directors, employees, parent group and/ or subsidiaries will have no responsibility (except were arising out of UWR’s negligence) for the safety of any part of the record attempt.
UWR shall not be liable to you or anyone else for any loss, damage or injury to yourself or others, or your property or the other's property with respect to the record attempt.
You agree to indemnify, UWR against claims by third parties for injuries arising out of your record attempt. Safety advice provided by UWR is the general safety guidelines this safety advises are non-exhaustive, and these guidelines in no way indicate or reflect that the safety advice makes your record attempt risk free.


How we use the evidence you submit and the rights you are granting to us.

The supporting evidence and materials you have to submit with your claim must be submitted as per the guidance of the guidelines. After successful completion of your record attempt, submit your evidence in prescribed format to enable UWR, to consider your claim in the stipulated period.


Official UWR adjudicator to attend your record attempt?

UWR Adjudicator: A UWR adjudicator may attend your record attempt on request. Just you pay a fee and expenses, which may include airfare, accommodation food etc. And a daily attendance fee for the adjudicator, you agree that parties will enter into a separate agreement for adjudication services. Adjudicators are sent for events of the record attempt. UWR decision in this regard is final and binding.


You warrant and represent that you have all the rights, authority and power necessary to grant intellectual property rights (“IPR”) in the evidence.

Hence you agree to grant intellectual property rights to UWR, an exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license in perpetuity to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, publish, transmit, display and distribute such IPR in any and all media or distribution methods (now known or later developed).

You agree that this license includes the right for UWR to promote its own brand, commercial products and to make the IPR available to other companies, organizations or individuals who partner with UWR for the syndication, broadcast, distribution or publication of the IPR on other media and services.

Such additional uses by UWR, or other companies, organizations or individuals who partner with UWR, may be made with no compensation to you; and waive unconditionally any moral rights you may have in relation to the evidence, such that, without limitation, and you will have no right to object to the manner in which UWR uses the evidence.


UWR will provide you with guidelines in relation to your record attempt. You agree and understand that UWR may update or amend the guidelines at any time without any specific notice to you. It is solely your responsibility of obtaining correct and updated information, UWR offers no guarantee or warranty as to the accuracy of the information provided to you, you agree and accept that records may change at any time because of a new record being achieved. UWR will not inform you about such changes to the record. UWR reserves all rights to remove any existing record from its database

UWR reserves all rights to decide about any record attempt success or failure in accordance with any guidelines sent to you (“record”). UWR’s decision will be final and binding for all, you agree that, UWR is under no obligation to consider any objections or claims whatsoever. You agree that UWR will have no liability for any loss suffered by you, the group or third parties in relation to success or failure of any record attempt

You are signing this document on behalf of a group who are to participate in the record attempt, all such participants in the group have read, are fully aware and have consented to the terms of this document.

You hereby indemnify on demand and hold harmless UWR (and, as applicable from time to time, UWR’s parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, licensees, assignees, agents and employees) from and against any and all losses, demands, claims, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable legal fees) and liabilities suffered or incurred by UWR as a result of a claim by a third party arising out of your breach of any provision of these terms.


UWR is committed for the safe, secure and transparent environment to protect your personal information.

UWR is committed to data security. You can contact us via email at info@uniqueworldrecords.comor write to us at the Data Protection Officer, Unique World Records Limited, St No. 4/2, Left Lane, Nachattar Nagar, Mansa Road, Bathinda, 151001, Punjab, India.

UWR maintains a large database of information of records, including individual or group record holder and their personal information such as name, gender, age, address, telephone number occupation and miscellaneous details.

In order to evaluate, measure, research, authorize and document the world record achievements. The dedicated database is maintained by the processing of your personal data. Archiving nature of UWR’s activities may compel us to store your personal data for a considerable period of time. And in the event of a broken record, the most current record- holder details are displayed prominently.

You understand and you are solely responsible for the evidence that you submit to UWR, and for any consequences thereof, including the use of your evidence by our third-party partners. Your evidence may be syndicated, broadcast, distributed or published by our partners and if you do not have the right to submit evidence for such use, it may subject you to liability. UWR will not be responsible or liable for any use of the evidence in accordance with these terms.


You undertake and warrant that you have submitted all information to UWR for the record attempt is, to the best of your knowledge, accurate, true, comprehensive and verifiable in all respects, without concealing any information intentionally and or unintentionally; and nothing in the evidence (whether by way of gesture or tone or otherwise) will breach the copyright, trademarks, right of publicity, or right of privacy any other right of any person, breach any contract or duty of confidence, be defamatory, constitute a contempt of court or be calculated to bring any person into disrepute; and

With your consent, all evidence and personal data provided by you to UWR will be stored and used by UWR and its partners for publishing and promoting any of UWR’s products and services; and exploiting evidence in any and all media.


UWR licenses its brand to reputed and credible partners and licensees, television broadcasters, book publishers and others. Who may promote your achievement and/ or make contact with you and share your personal data? We are committed for the safety of your personal data and promise that all our partners and licensees contractually adhere to ensure the security of your personal data, including protection against unlawful or unauthorized processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organizational measures. Failure to provide us with your consent to transfer your personal data means that we are not able to process your application. Hence you agree that your consent is not required for transfer of your personal data, UWR ensures that the UWR partners strictly adhere to appropriate safeguards.


Once evidence is submitted you will get a confirmation email to acknowledge receipt of this and your application will be activated on our system. If your record verification got successful after verifying all the documents about the records, our Record Management Team will send the Record Approval e-mail with the subject “Official Unique World Records – Record”. Once Record status is granted to the applicant, the applicant will receive an email with the link to order Free Certificate and other paid accessories. The details will be included in the database on successful completion of your record attempt.

UWR will be under no obligation to include the record, or any details in any edition of the unique world records books or any other UWR publication, website, television show or another medium in which UWR exploits its brand, but if it is included, you acknowledge that UWR (or its third-party licensees) will not be liable for such usage and or in any way for any error whatsoever.

I consent to UWR’s transfer of my personal data to any UWR partners
Permission to make use of your personal data. To enable UWR to promote your achievement submission of your provision of personal data is a necessary requirement under these terms. Failing to provide your consent will unfortunately mean that UWR is unable to publicize you as a record-holder.
Field is required!
I Accept and consent to
Field is required!

Your consents can be withdrawn at any time by you. To do so, please visit In the event that you do withdraw your consent(s), the lawfulness of the processing UWR has undertaken before your consent was withdrawn shall not be affected.

You also have the right to make the requests to UWR, to be provided with a copy, rectification and to restrict and/ or to object to UWR’s processing in regards to the personal data you have provided us.

You are welcome to contact us at should you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, advice or comments about the way we handle your personal data.


Avoid infringing our intellectual property rights.

You agree and acknowledge that the words Unique World Records and UWR logo” (the “UWR logo”) are trademarks of UWR and are protected by trademark registrations or applications for registrations and as such their usage is restricted. You agree that you will not use the words unique world records, the UWR logo, trademarks or other intellectual property belonging to UWR for any commercial purpose whatsoever, including, for example, activities from which you may derive revenue, Prior permission at the absolute discretion of UWR must be obtained by you for any usage other than described below.

Allowed Non-Commercial Usage for Event

You agree that you can only use the words unique world records to identify and describe your record attempt or record and that you have no affiliation with UWR other than your record attempt. But you may issue a press release and media interviews about your intention to break a unique world record's record, or your success in doing so, without UWR permission

Further, you agree that: These terms characterize the entire agreement between the UWR and you, and take the place of any previous agreement(s) between the said parties with respect to, any UWR record attempt or UWR record and no representations made by or on behalf of UWR in relation to any record attempt or record will form part of these terms (provided that nothing in these terms will be considered to restrict or exclude UWR’s liability to you for fraudulent misrepresentation).

If any term, condition or provision of these terms is, found to be unlawful, invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable in the jurisdiction of your record attempt the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms, conditions and provisions will not be affected or impaired in any way.

This agreement may be freely assigned or licensed by UWR without your consent.

This agreement and all matters arising out of your record attempt will be governed and construed in accordance with the law of India and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts, and you waive any and all objections you might otherwise have to venue, or to the personal jurisdiction of the courts.

By signing the agreement, you acknowledge and are bound to agree that your use of UWR website and the Services, including any content, will comply with this Agreement that any action relating to or arising out of this Agreement shall be subject to Bathinda Jurisdiction and you hereby consent to (and waive all defences of lack of personal jurisdiction and forum non-convenience with respect to) Bathinda jurisdiction.

Should you wish to cancel this agreement, please notify UWR by emailing within ten working days? The fee paid for any product and service will be non-refundable in all circumstances, however, if you are entitled to any refund, it will depend on the decision at the absolute discretion of UWR.

UWR may terminate this agreement at any time.

Download a copy of these terms and condition click here
APPLICANT DECLARATION (Agreement to Record Attempt and terms & conditions)
I have read and understood all the terms of this agreement and I am bound to agree to Unique World Records Limited terms and conditions regarding this Agreement to Record Attempt, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Record Policies.
Field is required!
Upload scanned Handwritten Signature of Applicant, Parent / Guardian (In case Applicant is Minor)
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