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General Guidelines

The rules and evidence requirements for all records.

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The approval of your world record title is subject to adherence to the general guidelines. It is essential to comply with these guidelines when attempting the record to make it standardisable and verifiable. Evidence must be provided in prescribed formats to prove the attempt hence every part of the evidence is essential. Here you will find information about General Guidelines to your Record Attempt, the required Evidence Submission, Record Policies and Terms & Conditions to Record Attempt. Please read and understand these terms carefully before attempting any Unique World Record title.

Definition of Record Title

It provides an exact idea about the record. The description of the type such as individual/pair/group/mass participants/animal, method of measurement and details of the subject etc provides a clear picture of the proposed record attempt. It will be beneficial for everyone to easily comprehend what the record is all about? An Example of a record definition of the title (Most people celebrating their birthday together). The group of a maximum number of people having the same date of birth, irrespective of different ages, celebrating their birthdays together at one location, venue and time. It will be measured by the number of people actively celebrating their birthday in a group.

General Guidelines include all general rules and evidence requirements; they are different from the Record specific guidelines. Remember that the guidelines must be shared and read by the participants and others who are involved in the verification process such as the Independent/Specialist witnesses, Timekeepers, Curators etc.

The general guidelines are listed below:

  • The attempt must take place in a public place or a venue open to public inspection.
  • The event is continuous, the clock does not stop.
  • Breaks and pauses are allowed for participants but the clock must not stop.
  • Audible and visible, start and finish signals must be used for the participants.
  • 2 timekeepers with stopwatches accurate to 0.001 sec. must be present at the event.
  • The presence of two independent witnesses is mandatory. A covering letter elaborately explains the Name, age, occupation, postal address for future correspondences, date, time, location/venue, witness details miscellaneous and brief description of the record attempt.
  • Witness statements by two independent Witnesses in the prescribed format providing the record remarks, measurements, method of measurement etc. must be furnished, with confirmation of adherence to the guidelines during the record attempt. The Evidence Guide document is a vital document and explains our evidence procedure. Such as who can act as an independent witness?

Evidence Required

The checklist of items to help you ensure all items are enclosed before you submit your evidence for review. Please note that you have submitted ALL items provided on your evidence checklist to avoid the risk of delay or rejection of your claim.
  • Covering Letter
  • 2 Witness Statement
  • Attempt Videos
  • Record Photographs
  • Guest Log Book
  • Attempt Log Book if required
  • Special Witness Statement if required
  • Time Keeper Statement if required
  • Curator Statement if required
  • Surveyor Statement if required

Record Specific Guidelines

This list of rules is specifically applicable to your record, which directs you to the proper method and way of your attempt, Dos and DON’Ts etc. these rules are of utmost importance, cannot be ignored and adherence to these guidelines is a prime parameter for approval of your record. Please be aware that there are more rules.

Record Specific Guidelines indicate the specific evidence requirements along with other necessary guidelines for your record attempt on an individual basis, these are in addition to General Guideline’s – common for all record attempts. Kindly refer to the Record Specific Guidelines provided on the website for each category.

Example: Record specific guidelines for most people celebrating their birthday together
  • Every participant must have a valid and acceptable date of birth proof at the event.
  • The attempt must take place at a single location/venue.
  • Every participant must have an individual number displayed at the chest of a participant. It must be prominently visible for geotagged photographs to be clicked simultaneously.
  • Photos must have optimum possible participants in every group photo for efficient review for verification.
  • Every participant must have an individual cake.


A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), based on the questions and enquiries of the applicants usually asked for, is provided for necessary guidance and assistance along with this document, but if you still have any questions please contact support.

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This document provided here detailed guidelines to your record evidence submission required to verify your attempt. Please read all requirements and take printouts of all prescribed formats to prepare all documents as per the guidelines.

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(Covering Letter, Logbook, Curator Statement, Witness Statement, Expert / Specialist / Veterinary Doctor Statement). You must submit the required evidence using prescribed formats, in order to enable UWR to verify your achievement. Submission on other formats will not be taken on the file, which may result in disqualification of the record. Please download Prescribed Formats here.


The Covering Letter must provide a clear overview and detailed definition of your record attempt. The Covering Letter act as a road map for our team to evaluate your record attempt application.

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UWR requires Visitors / Media / Guests / Witness Log Books for record evidence. These logbooks must include Name, Designation, Contact Details and remarks if any along with Signatures.

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Though it may not be possible to get established experts in every field for a wide variety of record categories, Even then it is advised to engage independent witnesses, experts in their given field who will verify relevant details of a record attempt and provide a detailed account of exactly what took place.

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2 Witness statements from independent individuals must be submitted who will verify relevant details of a record attempt where the UWR Team is not present, they are tasked to confirm whether all UWR guidelines have been adhered to, and provide a detailed account of exactly what took place.

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The logbook is an essential part of the evidence for almost all records but records attempts of more than one hour time durations (including journeys and expeditions, and so on). For such record attempts, details of completed activity, rest breaks and what is achieved at what point are required to be accurately entered in the book.

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Independent curators are required for mass participation record attempts involving active participation by participants being held at controlled, monitored and ticketed venues. Curators supervise predetermined groups of participants, in order to monitor activity and desired participation by all attendees taking part in the record attempt.

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Reading lengthy terms and conditions is a tough job but you are must read them carefully, to clearly understand, what is actually required from you before you attempt.

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Time-based records must have at least two timekeepers and for specific period performances (e.g. Most in one minute). Two timekeepers presence is essential part.)

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You agree that all types of liabilities or consequences arising out of your record attempt are yours as per the following provisions of this agreement hereby acknowledged.

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You must understand the information given below. Every participant, organiser and witness including everyone concerned with the record attempt must read and understood these guidelines prior to the attempt.

These record specific guidelines must be followed, as non-adherence to these guidelines will result in disqualification of your application, without any right of appeal. These guidelines are non-exhaustive, they cannot be treated as any kind of safety advice and cannot be construed as any tool which makes the record attempt risk free. Unique World Records accepts no responsibility for the safety of participants, organizers, spectators, bystanders and one else, in any record attempt. You are solely responsible.

    (a) To ensure safety precautions are in place and that all safety equipment and other material to be used is suitable and properly checked before the record attempt takes place and
    (b) To ensure health and safety laws and regulations of the jurisdiction of the record attempt are followed.
    (c) To ensure your event of record attempt must be covered with an appropriate insurance policy, Unique world records shall not be liable for any loss injury, liability or damage caused due to preparation /undertaking of the proposed record attempt.
For record attempt being organized in association in any way, with a tobacco / alcoholic brand

Seek prior written permission from Unique World Records. In absence of such permission validity of your application stands void. Your record might not be considered even if you have followed the guidelines. After your request for permission, UWR team international consultation will decide the approval or disapproval on the basis of merits and demerits of the application, without any further appeal. If you have signed our agreement in relation to record attempts only then your record will be considered for authorization/approval. The mere provision of these guidelines does not mean UWR consent to undertake a record attempt.


The records can be generally categorised into the following given categories, choose the most relevant one. In case of any confusion regarding your category feel free to contact support.

This category contains records about aero-sports, mountaineering, road expeditions, water sports, and other adventure activities etc.

This category contains records about unique achievements, uncommon talents and other human feats etc.

This category contains records about paintings, photography, Music, Dance, Cinema, theatre, acting, modelling, etc. and includes group events of other fine arts as well, communications like Television, Radio, Internet /Social media, Telecom and Print media etc.

This category contains records about the biggest (in size, shape, volume Etc.) known articles, buildings, gathering, human chain, man-made creation, items, organisation, etc.

This category contains records about the economy, stocks, banking, industry, service, workforce, etc.

This category contains records about the largest collection of articles such as coins, artefacts, antique items, vintage cars, tickets, Post & Philately etc.

This category contains records about the new generation of the world’s best and unique ideas which are both novel and useful.

This category contains records about the field of education literature, research and journalism etc.

This category contains records about the exhibition of extraordinary talent, unique ability and or rare capacity of an individual or a team.

This category contains records about new inventions/Technology of technical fields such as Telecommunications, Machinery, Power plant, Remote controlled toys/technology, highest resolution image, Robotics. etc.

This category contains records about events of any type which are long duration attempts like a half marathon, marathon, and ultra-marathons types of individual and team events.

This category contains records about the field of medical sciences.

This category contains records about mental sports involving memorisation of information as much as possible within a given time, mental calculations, memorisation of the order of a deck of cards, crossword puzzles, Spelling, Solving Rubik’s Cubes etc.

This category contains records about Largest lessons/dance lessons/ instructional/school dance phenomenon, Largest gatherings, Costumed, Professional impersonators, Shared trait, Largest human image, Musical performance, Largest ensemble, Most people playing “x”, Most performances of a skill by a group, Consecutively, Simultaneously, Mass participation in given hours, Largest audience/crowds, Largest tournament, Most people performing an activity simultaneously in multiple venues etc.

This category contains records about the smallest functional item, smallest representation, miniature art etc.

This category contains records about the heaviest weight lifted/held/pulled, the heaviest vehicle pulled, farthest distance to pull a vehicle, breaking blocks and records related to the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort etc.

This category contains records about the youngest individual or team achievement in any field.

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