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We produce printed books that are beautiful and professional, but we don't just make them look good—we make them feel good. We also always focused on the best quality in terms of paper, ink, design, and printing.

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About the Editor

Dr. Sababbi Mangal is a writer, inventor, neuropsychologist and professional life coach, with special interests in neurocognitive and neuropsychological assessment. He was appointed as the Chief Editor of Unique World Records Limited in 2009. He always takes into consideration of our participants so that their achievement gets deserving acknowledgement. He has master skills in editing, designing and publishing. His expertise in designing and editing plays the most significant role in the entire publication. He edited the 2013 edition as his 1st book and the upcoming 2024 edition will be his 11th book. He also adjudicated several significant Unique World Records across the globe.

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