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Unique World Records Record Policies

All our record-breaking achievements must adhere to the record policies of Unique World Records. UWR Record policies are reviewed and updated at regular intervals of time . The record policies are designed by expert organisations and based on research and input from professional experts. We evaluate all-new record titles against our values of urge, reverence, comprehensiveness and truthfulness. A non-exhaustive list and details of our policies are given below.

The rules and evidence requirements for all records.

General Guidelines

Records involving unsuitable activities, a high degree of risk, uncontrolled danger or those which could cause potential harm or danger to spectators shall not be entertained, such applications are rejected out rightly by UWR.
UWR DO NOT endorse or entertain any activity that may potentially endanger or harm animals or records which involve any level of danger for the animal. Any attempts found to be indulging in such activities will be disqualified.
Unique World Records titles are open to anyone irrespective of their level of ability/age. UWR includes a variety of activities to appeal to different age groups/abilities and consider real records, rather than those that are qualified in some way.
Minors are not permitted to attempt records that are considered unsuitable for minors as per the law of the jurisdiction of the attempt. Anyone between the ages of 16-18 must provide consent from a parent/guardian.
Unique World Records will not process inappropriate or offensive applications. It will not endorse or permit Illegal activities in pursuit of record-breaking. Such record attempts would be disqualified out rightly.
Unique World Records DO NOT accept applications or create new record titles that involve
  • The consumption, preparation or use of tobacco or nicotine products
  • The consumption of alcohol as part of the attempt, binge drinking or speed drinking
  • The consumption of drugs, narcotics, or other psychotropic substances as part of the attempt
UWR DO NOT consider the records which involve the release of pollutants, endangering the ecological balance, emission of banned substances etc.
Participants may be compensated for their time, effort, expense and inconvenience. People must not be forced for participating.

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